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Butterfly Mafia T-shirts

We are now offering our very own T-shirts in light blue made from organic cotton. Sizes: Women’s M, Men’s L and XL. Cost $20 includes shipping.

The front features our Found Well Farm logo and the back our “Butterfly Mafia” design.

Why the Butterfly Mafia? It all began when I started growing native lupine for the endangered Karner Blue Butterfsly here in Concord and I called a plumber to have my hose connections improved for all the extra wear and tear they would get. We reviewed the job and then the guy asked me why I was having this done.

“I grow native plants to help restore the environment, for instance, I am growing the Sundial lupine for the NH Fish & Game to put around the airport so the Karner Blue butterfly can survive.” I said.

The plumber (I won’t tell you his name) got a bit red, put his hands in his pockets and said, “I grew up around that area and I never saw one blue butterfly. Did you know that the night before the feds came into check for those damn butterflies the MAFIA came up from New York City and planted some just so the area around Concord Airport wouldn’t be developed?”

I was so stunned. I highly doubt that mob bosses have any interest in NH real estate. However, he was partly right on two counts: 1) NH has been doing a pupae exchange with the butterfly population in Albany, NY to avoid a genetic bottle neck, and 2) the Karner Blue is deterred by barriers as simple as chain-link fence so it’s not something that would fly about in people’s yards.

I told the plumber I would not need his services and told all the volunteers working on the project that they were part of the “Butterfly Mafia!” As far as I am concerned if you use native plants, then you are too!



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