Coenthus Americanus, New Jersey Tea

Brown-Eyed Susans

Cardinal Flower

Ayn B. Whytemare is the owner and founder of Found Well Farm.  Previously she owned and operated Ecological Landscape Gardening, which emphasized using native plants, organic fertilizers, and person-based, rather than machine-based, maintenance. Her other experience working in the plant trades (florist, nursery and garden centers) and as a consultant on forest pollution lead to a desire to find more native plants for use in wild and home landscapes for restoration and enhancement.

The first crop of trees was established in 2003, at which time an old well was found in the middle of the planting field. Auspiciously the endeavor was named “Found Well Farm.” In 2005 Found Well Farm was one of the first recipients of the New Hampshire Agricultural Innovations Grant for business start-up purposes. She speaks to gardening and farming groups state-wide and continues to expand and explore directions for the nursery.

From 2009-2017 she was an adjunct instructor of Plant Biology. Environmental Science and Ecology at New Hampshire Technical Institute. When not farming, she dedicates her time to mothering Duncan and Aaron and being married to Ted Donovan, owner of Top Notch Painting.

She received her B.A. from Barnard College of Columbia University in 1988 with a major in Environmental Science and an M.S. from University of Washington in Forest Ecology in 1994.


New England Wildflower Society
Northeast Organic Farming Association – NH Chapter
United Plant Savers
New Hampshire Plant Growers Association
Beginning Farmers Association



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