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Garden Consults

Instead of hiring a company to do your landscaping for you, have a qualified, experienced professional teach you how you can do it yourself, saving money and giving you a new hobby to boot! Emphasis is on organic growing and native plants, although all landscapes are honored. Each session includes a soil test and up to two hours of time to discuss plans, plants and techniques. Cost: $100 in greater Concord area, $25/hour travel additional.


Special talks for Garden Clubs, Groups, or as an attraction for your Garden Center. May be given indoors or outdoors. Admission charge is at the discretion of the hosting group. Cost: $150 in greater Concord area, $25/hour additional for travel outside the Concord, NH area. To get an idea of Ayn's presentation style go to NH Chronicle and search for "Compost" The original air date was May 1st, 2012. Additional topics are listed below.

"Climate Change for Dummies"
What is all the fuss? If you don't know what climate change is or how it is caused  Ayn explain in understandable language what is truth and what is fiction based on the latest science. Powerpoint presentation, fee waived, travel only cost.

"Identifying Wild Plants Using Field Guides"
Ever wonder what the plants are on your favorite hike? Mystified by the terms in guidebooks? Bring your guidebooks and discover some new ones. Best from June-September as an outside, hands-on class.

"Gardening for the Cheap and Lazy"
No more $64 tomatoes! With knowledge and humor explore creative ways to get the job done, solve problems and have fun! You'll be surprised what the fellow gardeners in your group have as ideas as well. Either as Powerpoint or stand-alone. Worksheet included.

"Choosing Native Plants for the Home Landscape"
Native plants are all the rage, but which ones to use? Using an ecosystem-based approach Ayn will show you how to categorize your setting and choose the right plant. Can be given as a Power-Point presentation.

"How-to with Native Plants"
This is a how-to talk on establishing the best possible setting for either adding more plants or bringing out the best in the plants you have. Ideas on dealing with invasive plants, crowded landscapes, and design. Best as a Power-Point presentation.

"Organic Gardening Basics"
If you have heard about the benefits of "Organic" but don't know how to do it yourself Ayn will go over the basics and help you to figure out which techniques are right for you. Find out why it is much more than just not using any pesticides. Handout included.

"Stand Up To Your Garden, Without Breaking Your Back!"
Many people take on too much when gardening or simply get overwhelmed when they start. I will share the techniques I used as a professional gardener to save my back, my garden, and my sanity! By using my body and energy wisely, I was able to operate full time until I was 7 mo. pregnant, so I know what I am talking about! As essential class for those with back problems or new to the garden. Handout included

Having earned the title "compost swilling slut" Ayn will use her academic and practical experience to enlighten even the most squeamish to the benefits of this most glorious gardening ingredient. Available as classroom talk or as a demonstration. Handout included.

Clearing with Goats

Glad to hear you are thinking about goats. We will be renting them out in 2021, but before you get them, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Goats eat greenery, not wood. They do eat the leaves of poison ivy and lots of other things, but doing so will only set it back, not eradicate it. I have achieved best results by going in after the goats have cleared and cutting all the woody stuff by hand. The same result (without goats) can be achieved by clearing in the winter before things have leafed out then hitting the area with a weed whacker in the summer. What goats do in a week can be done by a couple of adults in under an hour.
  2. I am no longer willing to set up fences through brush. This is the hardest part of the job and the most destructive on equipment. Ideally it should be done by the homeowner BEFORE I get there. Anything over knee high interferes with the electric fence and needs to be taken out anyway. Trees that are overhead that you want to keep can stay.
  3. I can only travel within 30 minutes or 20 miles of 439 Pembroke Street. This is not something I can change. I have AG plates on my truck which restricts me. By going over I risk getting a ticket. I also like to be close enough that if there is a problem I can be there quickly.

If you meet these criteria then I will come to your place with two goats, set up the electric fence and shelter and teach you about taking care of the critters for $40/day. If you require me to come out and move the fence there will be an additional charge for my time. Signed contract required.

Found Well Farm  ~  Pembroke, New Hampshire   ~  603-228-1421