Found Well Farm New Hampshire plants for New Hampshire landscapes Lupinus Perennis, Wild Lupine
Asclepius Amplexicaulis, Blunt-Leaved Milkweed
Spirea Alba, Meadowsweet
New England Aster
Wild Raisin

Nursery Hours

This year (2019) we are NOT offering vegetable seedlings due to a major renovation and prospective move to a new site 4 miles away. Please keep up with our email list or Facebook page for future sales of Native Plants. We will be back in 2020!

We will be open for one weekend for selling native plants: May 18-19 from 9am-5pm. 


Online Resources

Native Plant Nursery

Native plants are in demand because of the vital role they play in maintaining and restoring ecosystems. Development and environmental pressures have compromised or destroyed many areas of native vegetation, therefore we strive to provide locally raised or disease-resistant varieties that will enhance our unique New Hampshire countryside.

Dedicated to New Hampshire

At Found Well Farm, our academic and practical experience with the New Hampshire landscape motivates our business. If you need something we are not offering, please ask!

Grown to Order

Whether you need to mitigate, restore or expand habitats we will work with you to identify plant source material, appropriate sizes and planting dates at competitive prices. By contracting with us to grow a plant for your company you will receive the best plant available for your New Hampshire site. We can also assemble a collection of beautiful and hardy plants for your garden center or special plant sale.

NH  Projects

Our plants are used in local planting efforts!

  • McLane Audubon Center, Concord NH
  • Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat, Concord - NH Fish & Game
  • Society for the Protection of NH Forests, Concord
  • Town Hall, Meredith NH
  • Unitarian-Universalist Church of Concord, NH Memorial Garden
  • New Castle, NH Library
  • Town of Pembroke, NH
  • NH National Guard, Concord NH
  • Benson Park, Hudson NH

Green efforts

Goats as brush hogs and lawn mowers
They work well for us, you can even rent them out! See "Services"

No Chemical Sprays
Everything grown in our greenhouse is certified organic and only earth-friendly practices are used on our nursery stock outside.

Greenhouse Fuel
We’ve added a wood-stove to our greenhouse to save on the amount of fossil fuel we burn to keep the seedlings safe on chilly spring nights. Although it won’t eliminate the need for propane, it is carbon neutral.

Farm as Wildlife Habitat
Found Well Farm has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as having all the elements needed to promote wildlife conservation.

Green Products
When you pick up your plants at the greenhouse, be sure to ask about our green products, such as compost-based potting mix and natural soaps made just for gardeners.

Fabric Pots
We have opted to use fabric pots banked in wood chips rather than plastic pots to improve the quality of root systems and to decrease watering demand. Less transplant shock means less worry for you too. Plant one of our trees and see!

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